Restored Imperial Russian Adrian helmets. Size 7 U.S. 56 cm. Helmet shell is original.

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This is an original French WWI produced Adrian helmet. It has been restored to look like it might have been worn by a member of the Imperial Russian army. The helmet is about a size 7 U.S. or 56 cm. The RIA wore these French helmets in small numbers on the Eastern Front. They were also worn by Russian forces in large numbers on the Macedonian front and by the Russian Expeditionary force in France.

The helmet has been totally stripped of all post-war paint and repainted the correct shade of WWI Russian/French olive. The inside bears a correct French maker ink stamp. The helmet was then fit with the proper liner and chinstrap. The Tsarist helmet plate is a high quality replica, made from stamped tin just like the originals were.

Tsarist Adrian helmets are extremely rare, this is a very nice example to fill that hole in your collection.

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