French M26 Zouave helmet in size C (58 cm). Restored to look like an Italian Front helmet complete with wool cover. Aged to look original.

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This original French M26 helmet has been restored to look like it might have been worn by a North African soldier in French service on the Italian front.

The helmet is an original French WWII production Adrian M26. This is the early version with the aluminum comb. It was fully stripped of all post-war paint then repainted the correct shade of French olive green. The maker and size were ink stamped into the helmet’s dome as was the French practice.

At some point during the fighting on the Italian front it became a practice among French troops, both metropolitan and colonial to fashion helmet covers from American jeep and mechanic wool knit caps. For this restoration a modern reproduction knit wool cap was fit to the helmet. It spent several months on our shop roof to give it a true sun faded bleached out look and feel. The cap was attached with original liner mounts which is how troops during the war did it. The helmet has been heavily aged to look and feel original and will look great in any Italian front collection.

If you’d like to round out your helmet collection with something unique that represents the French army, you can do no better than this.

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