Restored Original French Adrian helmet. Size B (57 cm). All details of the original are here.

-Maker ink stamp

-Pig skin chinstrap

-Horizon blue paint

-Original aluminum spacers

-Liner backed with proper horizon blue wool

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This is an original restored WWI production French Adrian helmet. The shell is a size B or 57 cm. The helmet is a museum quality restoration with all the details you would see on an original example.

The helmet was fully stripped of all layers of post-war paint and rust. The paint was carefully matched to an original example, and apply by pneumatic paint gun, then heat cured. As was the practice of French helmet makers, the inside of the dome was ink stamped with the manufacture’s name and the size.

The liner is made from sheep skin, backed with horizon blue uniform wool. The chinstrap is pig skin, as were many originals were. The aluminum liner spacers are original WWI French production.

The helmet is affixed with an Infantry/Cavalry insignia on the front, it is a high-quality replica

This is the perfect helmet for a French reenactor or anyone interested in the French aspect of WWI.

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