South Pacific Landing. Scene produced by A&S

Accuracy is Important

Are you producing a film or television show with a World War I or WWII historic theme? Do you want your actors to look as historically correct as possible? Alexander and Sons can help. With over 15 years of experience researching the uniforms and equipment of the Great War and World War II, Alexander and Sons can help you put together the correct period look for your production. Audiences today are more knowledgeable then ever, and they expect what they see on the screen to be accurate.  Accuracy of the eras which you are trying to portray will reflect positively on your production and give you a high level of credibility with your audience. If you want it done right the first time, look no further then Alexander and Sons. We are located in Southern California,  30 minutes from Burbank and Hollywood, and we’re more then happy to come out and meet with your team. We are available for an hourly rate or for long term projects.

German bunker, Normandy 1944. Produced by A&S
German bunker, Normandy 1944. Produced by A&S

Our expertise covers the following:

Great War 1914-1918

Russian Imperial Forces

German Imperial forces,

German Colonial forces, & Askaris of the East African campaign

Australian army at Gallipoli and Mesopotamia

French army, and Colonial Forces  1914-1918

British and Indian army, Europe, East Africa and Mesopotamia

American Expeditionary Force

World War II 1939-1945

German army, Eastern, Western front, and North Africa

Waffen-SS, Eastern and Western Front

Foreign volunteers of the German armed forces, in particular the POA (Russian liberation army) and Cossacks

U.S. Army in the Pacific, Mediterranean and European theater of operation

U.S. Marines

British 8th army, North African and Italian front

Australian army, New Guinea, North African, and Middle East

French army, colonial forces and foreign legion

1st Indo-China War 1947-1954

French Union Forces, FFL, and colonial

Australian troops in North Africa circa 1942. Photo produced by A&S
Australian troops in North Africa circa 1942. Photo produced by A&S

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